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by | 21 Jun, 2022 | Press

Dance Gazette| Playlist | ISSUE 2 – June 2022

Maxine Doyle is celebrated for creating epic and immersive shows with the dance theatre company Punchdrunk. But what music does she choose to immerse herself in?

 Photo: Elizabeth Romanski 

1 Dance Me to The End of Love by Leonard Cohen

A beautiful blend of folk music and poetry. Cohen sings about the kind of relentless love we all dream about.

2 Mein Hertz Brenz by Rammstein

The piano instrumental version is my go-to music during an improvisation process. It changes the atmosphere in the studio and provokes invested and emotion-driven dancing.

3 Stabat Matar by Pergolesi

This was the score to the first short choreographic work I made. I remember listening to this on headphones, my first time travelling alone on an overnight ferry from Athens, and looking up at the stars.

4 Creep by Radiohead

My friend and composer Rachael Dease recorded a beautiful cover version of this for our recent creation Here Not Here for Gothenburg Dance Company. This song breaks my heart.

5 Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich

I love the minimalist music movement, and Steve Reich is one of my heroes. My teenage daughter can play this on the saxophone – which makes me very happy.

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