Physical Languages of Storytelling – IDEA’24 Workshop

by | 17 Jun, 2024 | News, Workshops

I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a workshop with Gabrielle Nankivell this September as part of FORM Dance Project’s first annual Dance Festival IDEA – Independent Dance Exchange Australia.

“Maxine and Gabrielle share an interest in creative process as a site of collaborative experimentation – working with people and environments to create distinctive, dramatic worlds and experiences that resonate personally and globally.

Their shared curiosity in the relational dynamics between performers, audience and the work are the starting point for the questions of their collaboration.

How through dance and theatre do we amplify the human condition? How can we unlock an individual language of tension and rhythm to tell stories, reveal characters and charge atmospheres?

In this workshop Gabrielle and Maxine will share their artistic dialogue through extended improvisation scores and creative practice. The opportunity for studio and some site-based work will develop ideas and approaches for articulate movement language and site-sympathetic performance.”


IDEA’24 is a new Sydney-based festival offering 4 weeks of creative ideas, workshops and performances delivered by local and global leaders from First Nations practice, contemporary dance, circus, physical theatre, queer performance and disability arts.

Sep 2 – 14, 11 Days
Week 1 – Sep 2-6 / 5 Days, 16:00–21:00
Week 2 – Sep 9-14 / 6 Days, 10:30–15:30

Note: There is an optional Preparation/Warm-Up lead by various somatic practitioners each day 08:00-09:15 in the same space as your workshop at no extra charge.

Drill Hall / Critical Path – 1C New Beach Rd, Darling Point, Sydney
Note: There may also be some off-site exploration and play in other venues (TBA)

Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre, Contemporary Circus


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About FORM Dance

FORM Dance is the leading producer and presenter of Australian independent contemporary dance in Western Sydney. FORM is an artist-lead organisation, operating with highly experienced leadership team of Paul Selwyn Norton as Creative Director, Lewis Major as Executive Director and Naomi Hibberd as Creative Producer.

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