For me, the creative process is a kind of addictive and ecstatic agony.  It’s an on going dialogue with performers, dancers, space, light and sound. My fascination with non theatrical spaces – big buildings – informs  my design and choreographic processes. In creation I work with extended movement improvisations where I use music to manipulate and direct the atmosphere. I spend hours creating playlists of music to use to provoke drama, dancing and a kind of theatrical chaos. I’m like a deejay playing the crowd.   I love creating from chaos although I think this offers a particular set of challenges to the performers when trying to discover both a physical and psychological logic.  I need and trust them to make sense of things.

The  studio becomes a kind of partner as I think about it always as a kind of architectural site.  I’m inspired by the dancers instincts and responses in the given moment and I am constantly investigating ways in which the dancing connects to narrative and intention.  I try and work from an emotional place.  

Dance and theatre for me is all about expression and observation.  It’s how I have managed to navigate my way through this world as a human being.  

My drive is to create cinematic,  physically driven work which interrogates and expresses the complexities of the human condition.

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