After Lethe

Kassel, Germany |2016


Photos: N. Klinger

After Lethe

Kassel, Germany | 2016

The noise of a river penetrates to the ear and in the dark a graceful woman can be seen that, the audience back Turning slowly rises from a washtub. The emerging effects resemble that feeling that occurs shortly after the gentle awakening in an unfamiliar place, when, while awareness in vain the increasingly fading and irretrievably zerrinnenden dream indulges, eyes searching keys after orientation by the prevailing darkness, gradually dimly details Near recognize and merge them successively into a complete picture. What place has led us our dream?
(German Daily News)


Choreographer: Maxine Doyle
Designer: Mathieu Götz
Sound design: Stephen Dobbie
Assistant choreographer: Paul Zivkovich
Costume: Evelyn Schoenwald
Light: Brigitta Hotman
Dancers: Camilla Brogaard Andersen, Pin Chieh Chen, Zoe Gyssler, Gotaute Kalmataviciute, Alessia Ruffolo, Aikaterini Toumpa, Valentine Yannopoulos, Rémi Benard, Ákos Dózsa, Luca Ghedini, Niv Melamed, Safet Mistele, Evangelos Poulinas, Victor Rottier, Shafiki Sseggyai, Juan José Tirado

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